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Additional Products

Below are two of the additional product lines currently being offered by trusted partners of Eaglehook.


Retractable 5th Wheel

The Retractable 5th Wheel

The Only Compact Multi-Tool

The Retractable 5th Wheel Pin Puller doubles as a tire thumper too, The shock proof rubber grip keeps the tool closed when needed and is a comfortable grip for checking tires. The tool can be used to grab load tarps to pull them in place, can break ice from 7 ways and glad hands in the winter weather. Can be used to pull bogie pins to slide the bogie for different loads. The only tool a driver needs to do the job easily and safely on a daily basis.


Retractable 5th Wheel

Brake Stroke Light Indicator

It is no secret and well known in the industry that brakes out of adjustment is the #1 infraction/issue when trucks get pulled over or checked at the scales. BSLI is a tool that alerts an operator to have the brake adjustment checked. The equipment is still legal to operate but brake service should be done at the earliest convenience to avoid fines and down time. The standard 30/30 brake chambers legal stroke is 2 inches and the long stroke brake chambers is 2.5 inches. The BSLI system will trigger the light when the brake stroke adjustment is ¼ inch from its legal limit.


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If you have questions about the supporting products for the Eaglehook, please contact us and let us know. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are more than willing to help you with any information you may require.