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The Eaglehook Fall Restraint System was developed to prevent workers from falling from transport trailers that are 102 inches wide and fitted with a top rail. This system was designed to comply with CSA standard Z-259.16-04 and ANSI Z359.0-2007 for fall protection. The Eaglehook Fall Restraint System prevents workers from traveling to the edge of the trailer or to a surface that may present a fall. It is ergonomically designed and made of lightweight aluminium to enable the worker to lift the mount to the trailer top without difficulty.


  • Carefully read all instructions and warnings on the Eaglehook Fall Restraint System, lanyards, harness, and hardware.
  • This product was created to protect you, not to hinder you. Follow all the steps, and if you are unclear about any step or the function of any piece of equipment ask a supervisor.
  • Review all pictures of equipment in these instructions and be familiar with all pieces and components.
  • This product is not a fall arrest; rather it prevents falls.
  • Pay close attention to all material as it is essential to maintaining your safety, and should be taken with all seriousness.
  • Before any repair is initiated, inspect the trailer and its components, including its top rails, roof surface and structural integrity, for imperfections.
  • ONLY use the Eaglehook Fall Restraint System with trailers that do not have any structural damage or imperfections.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that the trailer is capable of withstanding fall prevention forces. If you feel the trailer is unfit or unsafe for any reason including environmental conditions such as precipitation and winds do not continue.
  • The Eaglehook Fall Restraint System and lanyard assembly are made to prevent falls. This device, if used properly, will not allow you to stand on any edge that threatens a fall.
  • Do not under any circumstance allow a truck to be connected to the trailer in service.
  • Never operate this system under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Always attach end stops when working from four feet from front or back of trailer.