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Canada Cartage“Safety is a full-time job while maintaining and repairing heavy equipment. The Eaglehook was our shops solution to fall restraint when it comes to trailer roof repairs. This mobile light-weight, easy to use tool just makes sense to any operation requiring fall prevention.” – Canada Cartage.


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Trailer Wizards has a Safety First culture. Eaglehook has made it easier for our employees to be protected in those situations where fall arrest is not possible.”


TransXTrans X’s Maintenance Department is taking the appropriate steps toward making sure our employees are safe while at heights. We have decided to use The Eaglehook to insure that we remain safe anywhere we are.”


Kleysen Transport“At Kleysen Transport, our people are our #1 resource, and their safety will not be compromised. It is comforting for us to do business with Eaglehook, a company that shares these values.”


Smith Transport


“No roof repair is conducted by a Smith Transport technician without one. All the Smith Transport team is thankful to Eaglehook for making trailer roof repair much safer.”



Bison TransportBison Transport believes in being proactive, when it comes to the safety of our employees. Eaglehook provides us with the comfort of knowing our guys are safe.”



Trailco GroupAs a trailer repair company with multiple locations across the country it was hard finding a fall protection system that was cost effective. So when Eaglehook was presented to me I was super excited because it was a fraction of the cost from other fall protection systems but more importantly it was PRACTICAL for my business. The icing on the cake was how impressed my insurance carrier was that I had them for each location and now they brag about it all the time.” – Andrew Gaspar, Vice President



Should more testimonials be required, please contact us at chris@eaglehook.com and we will be more than happy to provide them.