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Please find below some of the Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Does the Eaglehook come equipped with the lanyard and harness?

A: The Eaglehook comes equipped with a lanyard and harness made by Captial Safety. These products are some of the best on the market and work perfectly with the Eaglehook fall protection system.


Q: How do you stop it from rolling off the front or the back?

A: The utility bucket comes equipped with two end stops which stop the device from traveling four feet from the front or back of trailer.


Q: What is the warranty?

A: 1 year warranty is applied upon purchase of the Eaglehook fall protection system. If there are any defects in the craftsmanship of our product, please contact us right away and we will send you a new one right away.


Q: Do you ship to the US?

A: Yes we do. If you are ordering from the United States, please take into account a 2 week shipping turnaround period.


Q: How do I train my technicians?

A: Eaglehook provides both online training courses and onsite training.

You can visit our online training course so you and your staff can be fully instructed on how to safely use the Eaglehook fall protection system on your trailer roofs.

If you are interested in onsite training, our technicians can come to your place of business for a small fee. At this time we can only do onsite training in Ontario however we are hoping to expand this in the future.