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Safety First

Your Safety is Our First Priority

The Eaglehook is a unique innovation in transport trailer repair – an expertly engineered mobile system specifically developed to prevent falls, by restricting workers engaged in repair or maintenance from traveling to a roof surface edge.

Mobile Fall Restraint

The Eaglehook fall restraint system minimizes injuries, costly downtime and roof repair and maintenance outsourcing.

Safety Compliance Isn’t an Option – It’s the Law
Regulations require protection if the fall distance will be 3 metres (10 feet) or more. The Eaglehook is ergonomically designed of lightweight aluminum, and complies with
CSA Z-259.16-04, ANSI Z359.0-2007 and OSHA safety standards – unlike do-it-yourself systems.

Saves Downtime and Expense

Eaglehook mobile fall restraint saves downtime and expense: once your staff is properly trained on our system – it’s no longer necessary to remove a transport trailer from service for offsite roof repair. More information on Training & Support.

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