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New Safety Manuals Now Available

August 30, 2018

We have been hard at work updating our manuals to ensure our customers are up to date on the safety of operating the Eaglehook. The safety of our customers is our first priority.

You can view and/or download the latest version of the Eaglehook Manual by clicking here.

We’ve also made available the safety manual in both French and Spanish.

Strong, Safe, Reliable…Eaglehook

Eaglehook Set Up

Watch the set up video here

August 7, 2014

Warehouse Fall Guys: Preventing Workplace Injuries, Today’s Trucking

“Unlike fall-arrest systems, which still allow you to fall off the side of the trailer and bang into it (softer than cement, we suppose), the Sousas’ Eaglehook prevents falling, period.”

Introducing a North American First

March 17, 2014

Eaglehook Fall Protection System Set to Take Off, Truck World, Truck News

“The Eaglehook is coming at a perfect time for companies to be able to take action against workplace injuries.”