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ABC of fall protection

Regulations require protection if the fall distance will be 3 metres (10 feet) or more. The Eaglehook is ergonomically designed of lightweight aluminum, and complies with CSA Z-259.16-04 and ANSI Z359.0-2007 safety standards – unlike do-it-yourself systems.

In order to stay compliant with the Truck trailer top fall protection system be sure to be familiar with the ABC’s of fall protection.

A:  The anchor is a secure point of attachment.Every fall protection system has its own unique anchor point. (The Eaglehook truck trailer top fall preventer’s anchor is on either end of the device.) the type of installation and the structure available, but it must be able to withstand fall arrest forces /5000lbs.

B: The body harness provides the necessary body support with straps that fasten around the user and distribute fall arrest forces over the upper thighs, pelvis, chest and shoulders.

C: The connector is the lanyard, wire rope, or self retracting life line is the device that links the B and A components together and should be short enough to not allow a risk of a fall in a fall prevention system.