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Calculating Fall Clearance

Knowing your risks before they hurt you is the best way to prevent injury. Use a fall clearance calculator to help calculate your fall clearance distance when using a fall protection system. A fall clearance calculator measures free fall distance and helps you to understand if any risks are apparent after a fall. A Properly designed fall protection systems should protect workers from contact with any lower level or obstruction, typically with no more than a six-foot free fall. This is why the proper calculation of fall clearance distance from your anchor is integral.

Fall clearance calculator:

1) Add 1 ft. to DD for free-fall over 6 ft. up to 12 ft. or for person over 310 lbs. up to 420 lbs. with 6 ft. max. free-fall for ANSI & OSHA compliant lanyards.

2) Add 1.7 ft. to DD for Canadian CSA Z259.11-05 (E6) compliant lanyard.

3) D-ring slide and harness stretch factors are built into HH and C.

4) DD shown in e.g. assumes maximum allowable amounts.

5) See User Instruction Manual for additional information.