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Industry Application

The Eaglehook fall protection system is versatile and meant to be a light-weight and mobile safety device that can be set up and used by a single person. After connecting the device to the top rails of the trailer, workers can move freely and without having to worry about slipping or falling. It has never been easier than today for companies to take action and protect their employees from workplace injuries.

The following are just a few of the uses for the Eaglehook:



When trailers need to be repaired often the roof is one of the areas that need to be looked at. The Eaglehook is the perfect device to keep workers safe while working on the roof of a trailer. Truck trailers typically sit nearly 3ft over the required government regulation for fall protection. Due to the laws put in place by the Federal government, workers are required to have a fall protection system in place while working on the top of trailers. The Eaglehook covers all the requirements needed under the new law.

Weighing only 20lbs, Eaglehook is perfect for one person to use on a repair job. Being lightweight and mobile allows you to make repairs on the fly without need large stationary or heavier mobile platforms to get the job done.


Snow Removalslide-image-3

Snow removal is a constant task for truckers and shop workers throughout the winter months. With the increased need to be on the trailer roof, it is more important than ever to have a fall protection system in place to ensure that there are no falls. Because Eaglehook weighs only 20lbs, it is easier than ever for workers to get on the trailer roof, lock themselves in and start removing snow. Our product helps make snow removal easier and faster however you still need to shovel yourself. Maybe we will develop a snow removal robot next…



Maintaining your fleet is the best way to keep proactive with you units. Even a missed hole the size of a fist, when caught in rain, can cause irreversible damage to a load and cost you thousands of dollars. Be proactive inspect you roof before water leaks happen. Connect the Eaglehook fall protection system to the trailer top rails and begin your weekly inspection.


Catch costly issues before they become a bigger headache for your company.